The lightest microphone product in the CALF family is coming soon...

We're excited to announce the upcoming CALF Speaker Microphone C12 ,the lightest product in the Changba CALF family (NW. 305g only)
C12 is a small and exquisite stylish karaoke microphone with a foam cover. The foam cover can prevent sound breakage or spray the microphone, ensuring delicate and clear sound quality.
C12 karaoke microphone
1 button for song vocal eliminationthis new product has the function of eliminating the original sound! One key to switch on and off the phone, the volume of the microphone and songs can be adjusted freely, and it can be operated with single hand!
9 different sounds  effects: C12 can be freely converted to make you experience kinds of high sound modes! Microphone and speaker all in one makes you enjoy being surrounded by music!
The latest upgrade Bluetooth 5.2 can be quickly and steadily connected to your computer and phone,the microphone itself and its sound volume can be freely adjusted!
C12 can last 4-5 hours, so you do not need to worry about the battery life! You can choose C12 to give your friends as a gift, Karaoke at home,let your kids play and make puzzle games to develop their musical talent and self-confidence!
Family and friends gatherings Karaoke and wireless hostings are all nice choice! C12 let you sing when you want it, you can have fun at home just as in KTV. 

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